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  1. The holes in the healthcare system became truly clear to Theresa (Terri) Floegel–a nurse with many years of experience under her belt–once she began teaching prospective nurses and watching her nursing students show her what they thought was the priority in caring for older hospital patients. Conversations revolved around fixing injury or disease rather than […]
  2. Steven Lester, Mayo Clinic Cardiologist and champion of leveraging disruptive technology to improve health outcomes, reminds me of Neo—the protagonist from the 1999 sci-fi film The Matrix, destined to end the war between humans and machines. Except in Steve’s case, the war is more against inefficiency, outdated approaches, and apathy than superhuman robot “Agents”. Steve […]

  3. Eric Topol’s The Patient Will See You Now: The Future Is In Your Hands describes medicine today as having a “Gutenberg moment.” Printing press technology democratized learning, driving printing costs down while improving access to texts across different economic classes. Smartphones are today’s printing press for medicine, where patients are empowered simply through better access […]
  4. Naganand (Nag) Murty, Innovator in Residence at both the West Health Institute and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is both a realist and an optimist. Perhaps that is what an engineer in the life science and healthcare innovation space has to be. “The bigger problems in healthcare today are not so much […]

  5. PatientsLikeMe recently published a report that clearly illustrates the potential clinical value in wearable biosensor technology. Project HoneyBee is premised on the belief that continuous monitoring will enable critical insight into disease prevention and treatment that will ultimately lower costs while improving health outcomes. In order to dive a little deeper into some of the […]
  6. I was just in Chicago for the annual HIMSS conference, along with 40,000 of my closest friends. While standing in a long Starbucks line, waiting for some caffeine to fortify me for the long day ahead, I was approached by a young woman with an iPad asking if I would take a survey. Did I […]

  7. What does it take to become a “scientist on the inside”, influencing decisions around innovation and entrepreneurship in a trillion dollar U.S. government policy organization? This was the focus of Lee Hartwell’s interview of Greg Downing, Executive Director of Innovation in the Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services […]
  8. There has been a burgeoning conversation around consumer wearables about whether such hobby-enthusiast devices need to be validated. After all, different devices measure with different accuracy, which makes the use of collected data to inform clinical decision-making problematic. Rather than clutter the market with some devices doing X and others doing Y, would it be […]

  9. Join the Conversation on April 2: Data for Health Shares Findings on What Works The Center for Sustainable Health encourages you to join national health leaders in a live stream conversation on April 2, 2015 from 11:45am-2:00pm ET about a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Data for Health initiative. Our Strategic Partnerships Director, […]
  10. Flip #19 on the Flip the Clinic’s website investigates the idea of redesigning the clinic space itself as a way to improve the patient-clinician experience during clinical encounters. It showcases the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s success alongside other examples to illustrate how small yet significant adjustments alter the atmosphere of their clinic. In the recent […]

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