The HoneyBee Chronicles


The honeybee is nature’s best collector and communicator of data. Based on this framework, the Center for Sustainable Health has launched Project HoneyBee, an initiative that brings together the best minds from across disciplines and sectors to inspire efforts around building sustainable human health solutions through the collection and validation of biosensors and the data they provide.

In keeping with this goal, on April 17th the Center hosted a forum that explores the potential of biosensor technology in clinical settings and defines critical partners’ roles in Project HoneyBee.PHB - Bee To compliment this discussion, the Center for Sustainable Health has launched the “HoneyBee Chronicles”, a publication series that highlights unique perspectives from innovative leaders, pivotal work already underway, and ongoing needs and questions.

Interviews with Drs. Steve Lester and Jim Levine, both based at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona serve as a launching pad for the Chronicles. In the interview, Dr. Lester shares his insights on doctor-patient communication, preventative care, and community engagement, and explains how the potential of technologies like biosensors to transform all three. In our interview with Dr. Levine, we learn how the potential of biosensor technology in health is just as relevant and critical to underserved populations as to high-resourced, high-tech settings.

The HoneyBee Chronicles illustrates—through interviews, personal reflections, and case studies-- the opportunities advances, in technology provide for improving health and lowering costs, as well as for transforming clinical practice and provider-interaction.

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Written by Jason Drees