Forum for Sustainable Health

The Forum is an invitation-only meeting engaging top leaders in a highly interactive, off-the-record and PPT-free discussion.

Past Forum

  1. April 16-17, 2014 | Phoenix, AZ
    The April 2014 Forum served as the official launch for Project HoneyBee, an effort that aims to accelerate an expand efforts to sustain health through the prevention and early detection of disease through the clinical application of wearable biosensors. This Forum convened leaders from science, industry, health systems, and academia to discuss the roles and contributions of each stakeholder group, with a particular focus on innovation and capacity within Arizona. Leveraging its extensive experience in the careful validation of biomarkers, the Center for Sustainable Health led lively discussions that cut across sectors and disciplines, highlighted examples of work already in progress, and outlined aspirations and potential challenges for partners engaged in the project.