The Buzz About Flip the Clinic


The Center for Sustainable Health’s Project HoneyBee is proud to be recognized as an ally of Flip the Clinic (FtC).  We are inspired by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s vision to transform the clinic in today’s healthcare by improving the experience for patient and care provider alike, harnessing new technologies to improve healthcare, and seeking innovative solutions to reduce healthcare costs.

We see many opportunities to leverage FtC aspirations in our HoneyBee initiative.  We work hand-in-hand with healthcare providers, clinical systems, and the private sector to identify a clinical need that can be addressed through advanced technology.  Our goal is to equip stakeholders with the right data at the right time. We believe that these innovative approaches will not only reimagine the medical encounter, but also produce measureable and improved health outcomes.

FtC provides valuable information through a robust website for patients, providers, and thought-leaders in health and healthcare, some of which include ways to reduce paperwork for providers to creative ways to educate parents about child safety to seeking measures which improve the clinical visit in an impactful way.  The Center for Sustainable Health is also committed to improving healthcare and leverages global thought leadership to seek cost-effective measures to improve health outcomes and improve health and workplace wellness at lower cost.

Inherent in the design of Flip the Clinic is a continuum for new ideas and perspectives to be collected, communicated, and acted upon – all of which improves the patient experience. Similarly, we draw upon the honeybee as a biomimetic inspiration and nature’s best collector and communicator of data.  We are also seeking partners, such as FtC, who place the patient at the center of their work.

As an FtC ally, we’re excited to be part of a growing global community that builds upon shared experiences to validate and implement effective, evidence-based solutions that will sustain health for us, our children, and generations to come.

See what all the “buzz” is about!  Visit Project HoneyBee.  Also, join us in supporting the incredible work at Flip the Clinic.  Learn more about the people behind the project, its mission, and become an active part of the community.  What will you do to flip the clinic?  Join the conversation by using #FliptheClinic and #ProjectHoneyBee